Coaching for clarity

Second Curve is a combination of enabling people to see what they are currently doing, decide on where they want to be - and ultimately - through increased self-awareness, be clear about how to get there.

As an already successful person, you are on a trajectory - and Second Curve is founded on the basis that continued progress means identifying the next level for that trajectory: Be it a new direction - a different speed - an alternate destination - or developing new skills for approaching it.

Helping you to be clearer about - and be able to connect to - your story (who are you?) the journey that you are on (where are you? and how are you doing?) and ultimately where you are trying to get to (where now/next?) through Communication Skills Training and Coaching.

Hence our strapline: Who now? How now? Where now?

Who Now?

How Now?

Where Now?

It is no longer good enough to be a brilliant brain and a data-spiller:

You may have a brilliant brain, but if your communication skills can't help you to get your ideas across, then you may as well give up, lie down and roll over (!) as your ideas will stay 'locked in'.

Second Curve helps people to communicate better: By helping them to enhance their communication - both with themselves and with others - and thus enable their journey into and along their Second Curve with greater self awareness. To be able to project themselves with greater clarity and purpose. To be happier - and get more of what they want - through the projection of greater confidence, assertiveness and authenticity.

Who are you? And what is the story that you tell?

The clearer that you can be about who you are, what you are - and the story that you tell - the easier it becomes, by default, for those that you lead, manage and work alongside, to know precisely what it is in you that they are meant to follow.

How to go about projecting yourself with greater clarity, purpose and authenticity - through increased self awareness - is how we can help.

Coaching for Clarity - towards the sunlight of your Second Curve.

Conversing the curve

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    Personal Impact - A Mouthfull of Krill!

  • Internal Values

    Internal Values

  • Being Responsible For Your Own Reputation-

    Being Responsible For Your Own Reputation-

  • Vertical Learning

    Vertical Learning

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Second Curve is Tom Cassidy and Chris Grimes. We help people to communicate better through Communication Skills Training & Coaching. We consult with you to work out the best way to help you either as a group - as a team - or as an individual. We deliver Communication Skills Training Sessions plus additional Coaching - lasting 1 or 2 days; Packages of stand-alone 1:1 Coaching; Talks

To find out more about what we could do for you, your teams and your business please contact us - and we can have a more in-depth conversation about what is possible.

We are based in London & the South West, working regionally, nationally & internationally.

Tom Cassidy

Tom Cassidy

  • +44 (0) 7545 097 775

I first trained as a coach when I was working for a bank in the Middle East. It was an intense 12-week long programme that opened my eyes to the potential of coaching. That was in 2007 and I have loved being a coach ever since. I coach individuals, teams, groups through training courses. And lead talks to large groups. I enjoy the balance between in-depth long-term work with individuals to big hitting, exciting and energising talks to big audiences. I have worked with some fascinating clients, from global financial services clients to tech companies and charities, fashion, media and business schools.

I am based in London but have been lucky enough to work in New York, Hong Kong, Singapore, Mumbai, Johannesberg, Dubai, Paris, Tallinn, Geneva and Milan.

As a coach I am all about creating a thinking environment for my clients in which they can explore their challenges and goals. I think of it as alchemy, which is making gold from humble components. My coaching is underpinned by the philosophy that the client always has the answers, they might just not be aware of it yet.

Through discourse, listening, reflection and probing I can help to shed light on their blind spots and opportunities. Some of my favourite areas to work in are building confidence, communicating with clarity, storytelling, the art of networking and building relationships, enhancing productivity, executive presence, personal branding, bonding teams for great performance and developing leadership.

My inspiration comes from lots of different places, from my passion for sport in my early life to psychology and social sciences through to my hobbies like gardening.

I used to have an allotment and spent a lot of time building the right conditions- soil, structure and layout to produce some award winning vegetables. I see this as a great analogy for my training and coaching. Which means by creating a rich, fertile environment you can seed, grow and blossom towards the sun and your Second Curve.

Tom Cassidy

Chris Grimes

  • +44 (0) 7711 644 094

My all time comic hero is Stan Laurel. He was the first comedian, comic actor and 'vaudevillian' that really made me laugh. I was 7 years old and living in Uganda at the time - and I've been grateful to Stan Laurel for the positive influence that he brings ever since.

As an inspiration, compass and as a general 'style guide' to my approach as a Facilitator & Coach, Stan Laurel reminds me to keep it funny and engaging - to keep it clear and accessible - and above all else - to keep it kind, underpinned by generosity, humility and warmth.

In a series of my own Second Curves I have trained as an Actor, as a Drama & Voice Teacher and as a Comedy Improvisation performer. Comedy Improvisation in particular has helped me to develop an acute listening ability, which translates directly into my work as a Coach.

In a show context, I listen intently to the other performers around me, as we shape and build together a completely improvised show, based entirely on audience suggestions. We work together in a heightened positive atmosphere of spontaneity, team-working and trust.

Also, as a performance discipline, Comedy Improvisation is underpinned by a "yes and..." mindset and attitude to decision making and creativity. This mindset not only encourages true spontaneity when I’m working with individuals and groups - it also helps to keep things positive, present and future focussed - which again is very helpful when Coaching & Developing people.

Favourite areas of work include

Building Confidence; Communicating with Clarity; Storytelling; Personal Impact; The Art of Networking and Building Relationships; Enhancing Productivity; Executive Presence; Personal Branding; Bonding Teams for Great Performance; Influencing; Presentation Skills; Comedy Improvisation Masterclasses; Developing Leadership

Our preferred delivery style is to do this together, to provide the full spectrum of our experience and energy