Laurel & Hardy’s Second Curve!

Enjoy Chris’s delight at having discovered – in working up the general ‘cut-and-thrust’ of Second Curve – Laurel & Hardy’s Second Curve!

“I know how we can make a lot more money: If we caught a fish – then whover you sold it to – why they wouldn’t have to pay for it – and then the profit would er, go the the fish…and…err”  Stan Laurel

Stan Laurel – who by the way is Chris’s all time comic hero and a general ‘style guide’ to his approach as a Facilitator and as a Coach:

“Stan Laurel reminds me to keep it funny and engaging – to keep it clear and accessible – and above all else – to keep it kind, underpinned by generosity, humility and warmth…”



And of course – go see the film too 🙂